Entering Into the Lord’s Peaceful Presence

One of the great advancements in my ability to commune with God came the day I removed the television from my house. The more I started pursuing God, the more the television started interfering with my spirituality. I noticed that when I spent two hours at night praying to God, I felt more empowered and spiritually charged the next day. When I spent two hours watching television in the evening, I usually felt lustful, greedy, materialistic, and spiritually drained the next day.

As time went on I started watching less television, but there were times when I would come home from work, and all I wanted to do was make dinner and relax by watching a movie. But every time I did, it robbed me. Two hours of prayer with the Lord charged me; two hours of television drained and discouraged me.

Knowing that there was nothing on the television that could ever compare with spending two hours with the Lord, I would unplug the television set and make a commitment never to watch it again. Then in my weakness, I would plug it back in. After plugging and unplugging the television for several months, I completely removed it from my house. I took my entertainment center apart, put the television and stereo equipment in a box, and turned that room into a prayer chapel. It has been one of the best moves I ever made to increase my ability to hear from the Lord.

If you have been spending more time watching television than you have been communing with the lover of your soul, make a commitment right now to change your ways. You should be able to sit down in prayer and within the first fifteen minutes be able to enter the Lord’s presence. Try spending the next fifteen minutes centering yourself in God’s presence by using a combination of prayer, praise, and worship. Then spend the rest of the time in silence to see if you are able to commune with the Lord from the depths of your heart.

When most people try the fifteen-minute listening exercise, all kinds of distractions arise. The phone may start ringing, or a fight will break out between the kids. Before you begin, you may want to eliminate as many distractions as possible. It may also be helpful to picture yourself resting in a peaceful environment. If you like the beach, allow yourself to hear the ocean and feel the warmth of the sun on your face. Picture what Jesus would look like if he walked over and sat down next to you. Look into his loving eyes. Talk to him as if he were your closest friend.

Once you are able to enter into the Lord’s presence, ask Jesus if there are any unconfessed sins or any changes in your life that he would like you to make. Ask the Lord to show you any areas where you have been disobedient. If anything comes to mind, take the necessary time to repent and make amends for your actions. Ask for the grace to remove anything from your life, home, and environment that hinders your ability to commune with the Good Shepherd.

If you are not able to enter into the Lord’s presence within the first fifteen minutes, keep working at it until you break through. Don’t allow the devil’s devices to hold you back. Jesus loves you, and he desperately desires to commune with all his beloved children. Step-by-step, the Lord will lead and guide you. Keep pursuing Jesus with all your strength. Soon you will be able to enter into his loving presence, both now and forevermore.

More information on Entering the Lord’s Peaceful Presence can be found in the Healing & Deliverance Books by Robert Abel.